Accelerated English Language Acquisition = Joy and Achievement

GrapeSEED Empowers Children to Overcome Language Barriers

GrapeSEED is an innovative language acquisition, based on the principles of natural language development.

Research-based, it closes the achievement gap in school language more quickly. Oral language proficiency is the foundation for academic success, providing a bridge to reading and writing for English Learning (EL) and English Language Proficiency (ELP) students.

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Benefits for Educators

  • Remarkable student engagement accelerates learning and confidence
  • Increases literacy test scores for all GrapeSEED students
  • Accelerates academic progress for “at-risk” student subgroups

What Makes GrapeSEED Different?

  1. The program focuses on interactive, conversational, and natural language acquisition.
  2. We intentionally apply the scientific research on practice and repetition.
  3. It is aligned with the learning sciences*—Vertical Phonics, Functional-Notional Learning, Neuroscience of Language Learning, Social-Emotional Development.
  4. Extensive professional education, mentoring and onsite support services to teachers and principals, is all included in the program.


  • Fun, interactive lessons improve student confidence
  • Builds academic language comprehension
  • Creates a pathway for success
  • Puts joy back in learning