Accelerated English Language Acquisition = Joy and Achievement

GrapeSEED Empowers Children to Overcome Language Barriers

GrapeSEED is an innovative language acquisition and critical listening program, based on the principles of natural language development.

Research-based, it closes the achievement gap in school language more quickly. Oral language proficiency is the foundation for academic success, providing a bridge to reading and writing for English Learning (EL) and English Language Proficiency (ELP) students.

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Benefits for Educators

  • Remarkable student engagement accelerates learning and confidence
  • Increases literacy test scores for all GrapeSEED students
  • Accelerates academic progress for “at-risk” student subgroups

What Makes GrapeSEED Different?

  1. Focuses on interactive, conversational, natural language acquisition
  2. Intentional application of the scientific research on practice and repetition
  3. Aligned with learning sciences*—Vertical Phonics, Functional-Notional Learning, Neuroscience of Language Learning, Social-Emotional Development
  4. Extensive professional education, mentoring and onsite support services to teachers and principals—all
    included in the program


  • Fun, interactive lessons improve student confidence
  • Builds academic language comprehension
  • Creates a pathway for success
  • Puts joy back in learning

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