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Enrich Learning with Digital Tools

Technology for Success

GrapeSEED technology features easily-accessible digital tools that vitalize the curriculum to help teachers and students benefit fully from their GrapeSEED experience, inside and outside the classroom.
grapeseed portal

GrapeSEED Portal

The GrapeSEED Portal provides a comprehensive, digital suite of content. Dedicated sites within the suite help educators implement the GrapeSEED program successfully, parents follow their child`s GrapeSEED journey, and students access digital content that enhances their learning. 

GrapeSEED Student App

The GrapeSEED Student App allows students to practice Oral Language anytime, anywhere! A library of curated playlists including songs, stories, and other GrapeSEED content supplements and reinforces unit lessons outside the classroom. The app tracks student progression through the units and rewards students with badges and puzzles that motivate them to keep learning.

child using grapeseed