If you know just one classroom teacher, then you know someone with who is dedicated and on-the-go, with a full ‘to-do’ list! In today’s fast-paced, digital world, classroom teachers are more high-energy, connected and tech-savvy than ever before.

What does this mean to those of us who want to provide the best, most cutting edge support for teachers as they plan, prepare, and execute lessons? The answer is that today’s teacher welcomes practical interaction with resources and tools that will support them as they plan. It also means that toting home stacks of manuals & guides have become a thing of the past!

At GrapeSEED, we’re mindful of the importance of supporting each of our classroom teachers with exactly what they need to be successful as they plan and prepare for their students’ success, and doing so through the use of technology. That’s where our comprehensive and inclusive GrapeSEED Teacher Portal comes in.

Our Teacher Portal includes a wide range of practical resources for each GrapeSEED trained teacher. First, this digital platform caters to instructional planning. Our Daily Lesson Plans and Teacher Manuals, complete with our thoughtfully crafted objectives, Scope & Sequence and Quick Checks are a cinch for teachers to access as they plan for the week, month or even for the year. Additionally, each of the teaching components within our GrapeSEED Units have been digitized in order to provide teachers the freedom to view them in a variety of ways within the site, including audio-visually, right on their own device! Next, teachers can access professional learning and teaching tips within the Portal (aka: in the comfort of their own home!). Whether they would love to engage in a full PD session or simply need a quick reminder about how to facilitate a specific material is up to them. Also part of the mix is our Student App where children continue to soak in the language, as well as our Parent Portal that allows families to access unit by unit newsletters, download and print activities for extra practice, and view their students’ usage.

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