teaching grapeseed

Teaching with GrapeSEED

Professional Development

Foundation Training

Foundation Training prepares teachers to use the GrapeSEED curriculum and provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use the materials. Teachers attend Foundation Training virtually, via Zoom, before they begin teaching the curriculum.

Teacher-Selected Resources

GrapeSEED offers on-demand, online training courses designed to equip teachers with the basics of teaching GrapeSEED. The video-based courses cover the theories and design that are foundational to GrapeSEED and `how to teach` the key components of the GrapeSEED curriculum, including real classroom examples and tips from GrapeSEED Coaches.

professional development
teacher support

Teacher Support

Types of Support

Our support is focused on ensuring fidelity of implementation of the GrapeSEED curriculum to maximize student success. Support includes coaching and feedback, modeling/co-teaching, and professional learning sessions.

Self-Reflection Video Analysis

Teachers video record themselves teaching a GrapeSEED lesson and complete a self-reflection video analysis. They then meet with a GrapeSEED Professional Learning Specialist who provides feedback on how to enhance implementation fidelity and effectiveness for increased student success.


How Does GrapeSEED Fit Into Class Time?

There is a 30- to 40-minute amount of time each day planned and directed by teachers. This time can be done in one block or be broken down into two or three blocks. To provide a balance between teacher-planned and child-initiated activities, GrapeSEED materials are also used for centers allowing students to initiate investigation topics found in each unit.  Students ask to use the stories, songs, poems, & during this creative play time. They put on performances for each other, pretend to be teachers, make up their own movements to go with songs, and even use stories, big books, poems and chants as mentor text at the writing center.  Teachers continually share how often students ask to incorporate GrapeSEED material in their investigations and play. The language used in each unit gives students a means for sharing their interest and facilitates them investigating further.