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GrapeSEED Makes A Difference

GrapeSEED is an innovative language acquisition and critical listening program based on the principles of natural language development. It closes the achievement gap in school language more quickly.

Classroom Confidence

Kids can’t learn what they can’t understand. GrapeSEED gives children a confident voice, turning them into eager learners and social participants.

Applied Science

GrapeSEED kids, classrooms, schools and communities succeed in language development because it’s based on science. Repetition creates and strengthens neuropathways while controlled vocabulary and vertical phonics speed language development. GrapeSEED builds language proficiency progressively from level to level for successful, natural speaking, communicating and reading.


Independent studies provide clear evidence of GrapeSEED’s success.

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Performance

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA): EL K–2

75% of EL students reached reading proficiency by 2nd grade, in half the time of the national average.

What does the research say?

  • Significant gains helped move students out of “at-risk” status
  • EL students reached grade level reading in half the time as the national average
  • Accelerated growth in language development and literacy
  • Gains in all student subgroups, not just “at-risk” populations
  • Dose effect—the more GrapeSEED is used, the better the results
“I have not seen another tool that engages students as fully as this program, while growing language skills. The students learn how to speak in complete sentences, have polite conversations, and are able to choose extension activities related to the learning in GrapeSEED.”

—Darla Campbell,
Principal, Berrien Springs

Backed by Research

National research shows that children typically take six to eight years to reach grade level proficiency. GrapeSEED students, however, reached proficiency in speaking and reading in just two to three years.

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