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For more than forty years, GrapeSEED has pioneered next-generation research, curriculum design, and best practices in oral language acquisition and critical listening.

Once the secret of Japan’s premiere educational institution for early childhood development and English as a foreign language, today children in 19 countries benefit from GrapeSEED’s innovative “joy of learning” philosophy. They’re self-confident, participatory, and most important, equipped to academically compete with their peers.

As a valued US customer, you can help us close the achievement gap in US childhood education. Referrals from experienced professionals like you help us strengthen the GrapeSEED community, support other teachers, and promote increased oral language proficiency.

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  1. Share a name of a colleague that you believe his/her students would benefit from GrapeSEED and receive a package of GrapeSEED Character Stickers.
  2. If a meeting takes place based on the referral receive a $25 credit for the GrapeGOODS store.
  3. If a purchase is made based on the referral receive 25 GrapeSEED student books.

We’re committed to empowering every child to overcome language barriers. Help us spread the word by referring us to your friends and colleagues today.

Referral Requirements

  • Successful referrals are to schools outside of your district and result in a purchase
  • Gifts are not incentives. They offer no personal or professional gain, and no influence on past or future purchases or use of GrapeSEED products.

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