We’re committed to your privacy.

At GrapeSEED Media Ltd., we are committed to respecting and retaining the privacy of our online customers. For this reason, our customers are able to visit and use almost every page within the GrapeSEED Web portal without providing any personal information.

In the few instances where we do request personal information – such as when contacting GrapeSEED through our online inquiry form – our privacy policy guarantees that we will never provide your personal information to any third party, nor will we use it as a basis for unsolicited emails. Any personal information which you choose to provide, such as your first and last name, physical address, email address, and phone number, will be used only within GrapeSEED Media Ltd. and our affiliated companies.

To ensure that your personal information reaches us securely and remains protected from unauthorized access, theft, and destruction, we employ industry-standard security measures both externally, through constantly updated privacy technology, and internally, through corporate policies and controlled access within our organization.

These strict policies and the security measures we employ to enforce them reflect not only the importance we place in your privacy, but also our commitment to protecting it.

Why We Collect Personal and Non-Personal Information

As a multinational corporation, GrapeSEED is dedicated to providing a highly-personalized and effective service across many languages and locations. While this level of interaction is ambitious, we continually improve both the quality and customization of our support by maintaining and utilizing both personal and non-personal records.

When you choose to provide us with personal information – such as your name, email address, or phone number, either when purchasing a product or submitting an online inquiry, we are able to ensure that you receive the most effective and appropriate support for your products and inquiries.

GrapeSEED also collects non-personal information – information that cannot be used to uniquely identify a user – including browser details, session duration, and page referrals. By analyzing these non-personal statistics, we are able to identify and research trends across our products, services, and Web pages.

These records provide an invaluable resource as we seek to evaluate the success of our marketing campaigns, improve the usability of our Web site, and provide new features and services that benefit our customers.

How We Use Cookies

When visiting the GrapeSEED Web portal, you may be requested to accept a “cookie” from our Web server. These cookies exist as small text files maintained by your browser, and are an industry-standard approach to providing persistent and customized content to the user.

As with any Web site, you may choose to visit GrapeSEED without receiving cookies, or to delete a GrapeSEED cookie at a later time. While our cookies do not store any sensitive or personal information, such as your name, email address, or credit card number, choosing not to receive cookies from our Web site may require you to re-enter certain information – such as your preferred language – upon each visit to our Web site.

Questions About Our Privacy Policy

Please send any questions concerning our privacy policy to