So many times I have heard my son say, “school is so boring, can I just stay home?” or, “I’m tired of sitting at my desk all day, do I have to go to school?” He’d rather be home doing just about anything instead of sitting at his desk in school. What I would give to hear him say, “I can’t wait to go to school!”

Those wonderful words that I long to hear in my home are the words that teachers and parents are hearing from children who are participating in the GrapeSEED program. A mother shared a recent experience with her daughter, a kindergarten student in Michigan:

    • I wanted to share with you how excited Marina is about the GrapeSEED program. She is never too eager to wake up in the morning as she seems not to be a “morning person”, but even after a busy weekend, when she woke up today and I told her it was Monday and a school day she immediately said, “Oh good! I think we learn some new GrapeSEED songs today!” She talks about stories, songs, and movements. She was singing “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” over and over today. 🙂


  • Thank You!!
    Anitha P.

Title I teacher from Michigan says that they actually use GrapeSEED as a reward for students who are not in a class that uses GrapeSEED but wish they could be:

  • The children really enjoy the GrapeSEED experience and love coming to class. In fact, the second graders in my building wish that they could have it as well, and we have even used it as a reward system for children in that grade, where they can earn time in GrapeSEED.

Other teachers have talked about how fun GrapeSEED is, not only for their students, but for themselves as well:

    • Our students enjoy GrapeSEED as much as we do. We have noticed them singing the songs and reciting the stories in their free time…
    • The students seem so excited about the material…
    • I would just like to say thank you for giving us a new teaching tool that makes learning fun.
    • – Darla Neill, CAA Preschool Teaching Assistant
    • I like that the material engages students through music, movement, poetry, shared reading, and that it is fun for my students. They love GrapeSEED time and have begun to memorize the materials and sing them throughout the day.
    • – Laura Tenney, GSRP Preschool Teacher


  • It makes life so much easier because they are learning and enjoying what they are doing…
  • I have really enjoyed teaching GrapeSEED. It is not only fun for the students, but it is fun for me as well.
  • – Anna Davis, Kindergarten Teacher


GrapeSEED is giving students (and teachers!) something to look forward to at school. With engaging activities and materials, GrapeSEED gets children away from their desks and up and moving.

Do you have a GrapeSEED story about your child or student(s)? We’d love to hear it and share – please send it in!

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