Teachers are coming up with creative ways to extend language and concepts from GrapeSEED to other lessons throughout the day and help students make real-world connections, encouraging their comprehension of the words they are learning.

The GrapeSEED Classroom Connections Training and other professional development opportunities that are provided as part of the program give teachers ideas on how to reinforce what students learn during GrapeSEED time. Teachers can then come up with fun, engaging activities based on their students’ interests. Here are a few examples of how these amazing teachers are getting creative to motivate their young learners.

Buckeye Elementary School in Salem, OH

Kindergarten, first grade and second grade students at Buckeye Elementary in Salem, Ohio recently finished Unit 3 of GrapeSEED and celebrated with a “Black Party”. The children took part in activities and enjoyed yummy black-colored treats in honor of GrapeSEED’s Shared Reading Big Book Black.

GrapeSEED students celebrate language development in innovative ways

Mrs. Jennifer Andres, one of the outstanding teachers at Buckeye Elementary, incorporated a quick and simple prop during her Unit 2 lesson with her First Grade Pull-Out class!

teachers celebrate GrapeSEED

Props are a great way to apply a concept to the real world and promote student comprehension.

Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools in Michigan

Carman-Ainsworth Interventionist, Mallory MacDermaid, used props to help build schema and add variety to the Big Book ‘Black’! There were ants, pants, hats, cats…even hair and an adorable tiny black chair that Miss MacDermaid painted herself. Thanks for going the extra mile!

GrapeSEED extends language development creatively

Clintondale Community Schools in Michigan

Ms. Barachkov’s Kindergarten students at Robbie Hall Parker Elementary School painted everything green to show their love of GrapeSEED Unit 4 Shared Reading Big Book Green!

creative teachers extend GrapeSEED

Also at Robbie Hall Parker Elementary, Mrs. Frank’s Kindergarten students practiced making high frequency words in a hands-on, age-appropriate fashion during Work Station time, using GrapeSEED Shared Reading Poems as the platform for learning!

creative GrapeSEED celebration

Do these preschool students like red? Yes, they do! Michelle Roehl’s students at Robbie Hall Parker Elementary loved taking the language from Unit 1 of GrapeSEED into their Art Center!

students celebrate GrapeSEED creatively

Former first grade teacher and current principal at Clintondale Community Schools, Mrs. Shannon King used GrapeSEED to support her students with their guided reading levels. She asked students to find words in their guided reading level books, write them on post-it notes, and then circle the letter combinations they learned from GrapeSEED. During Readers Workshop time, the students posted their notes under the GrapeSEED multi-letter phonogram cards hanging on the wall.

teachers inspire learning through creative GrapeSEED projects

How do you extend language and concepts from GrapeSEED to inspire learning in your students? Send us a description and picture to be featured in the next GrapeSEED newsletter and on the GrapeSEED FacebookLinkedIN, and Twitter pages!

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