Dramatic Results

Improvement at Every Level
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1. Financial Impact

Investing in our children early results in dramatic returns. The impact from 3 years of GrapeSEED, as part of a balanced literacy curriculum, can deliver millions in savings over time. Think about how much money is spent after 3rd grade on incremental support and services targeted toward closing the achievement gap. Early intervention is the key to accelerating student achievement and closing this gap.

2. Classroom Impact

Teachers devote their lives to their students. They work tirelessly, scrambling for time and resources to help their English language learners, at-risk, and other students excel at language development, build confidence and social skills, and have fun doing it. Teachers that use GrapeSEED are thrilled with the results.

They love the engagement, confidence, and joy of learning exhibited in the classroom. GrapeSEED has all the tools teachers need to be successful—no late night copying and downloading to lead the class the next day. Engaged students sing, chant, dance, and read their way to remarkable growth in language proficiency—and success in assessments and test scores.

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3. District Impact

School administrators are able to promote teacher and student success, making sure their schools foster community pride and educational excellence. The GrapeSEED oral language learning program provides the tools and a morale-boosting language development experience that teachers, kids (especially EL and limited English proficiency students), and parents can enjoy and embrace.

School test scores confirm the power of joy and achievement for Pre-K and K-2 GrapeSEED students. Listen as this principal tells her GrapeSEED success story.