During his recent budget address, the governor of Illinois proposed an increase of $75 million for early childhood education, bringing total funding for early childhood education to $393 million, which is the most in state history.This would keep 85,000+ children in preschool and allow 2,900 additional children to attend full-day preschool.The plan also includes support for a standalone appropriations bill being introduced for increased spending on early childhood education and K-12 schools that is separate from the overall budget.

While organizations like the Ounce of Prevention Fund, a private-public partnership dedicated to providing all children—especially those from low income families—with high-quality early childhood experiences from birth to age 5, appreciate the proposed support for early education, they worry about a lack of funding in the current fiscal year. Many critical programs supporting children and young families, such as Preschool for All, the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), and Early Intervention, depend on funding to keep them up and running.

Learn How GrapeSEED Can Help the Young Learners of Illinois

GrapeSEED is dedicated to improving the quality of early childhood education for the young students of Illinois. Discover how the program is helping children grow in language development and literacy at several conferences in 2016.

  • Meet GrapeSEED at the Annual Illinois ESEA/NCLB Conference in Chicago and find out how the program is being used to enhance early childhood education programs in the US.
  • Learn how the program is helping English Language Learners (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) students understand and communicate effectively with Standard English at the Illinois TESOL-BE 42nd Annual Convention in Naperville.
  • Join GrapeSEED at the 2016 Illinois Reading Council Conference in Peoria as we share how the program builds a solid foundation in language, allowing students to unlock opportunities through reading.

Visit the GrapeSEED Upcoming Events page to find more opportunities to learn how GrapeSEED can benefit students in Illinois and throughout the country.

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