GrapeSEED Foundation Training is just the first step towards learning how to implement the program with fidelity to ensure student success in literacy development. GrapeSEED support doesn’t stop there and neither does the learning. Once the program is underway, the trainers will visit each GrapeSEED classroom, providing coaching tips and any assistance needed to keep teachers and students on track. There are opportunities for several other training sessions where educators can continue their professional development and expand on the program. GrapeSEED training opportunities include:

Progression Training:

Teachers get a chance to review the principles introduced in Foundation Training, discuss effective teaching, learn to extend the language of the program, and learn how to use the Gradual Release of Responsibility model.

Classroom Connections Training:

Teachers learn how to take the themes and language expressions of GrapeSEED and apply them outside of the GrapeSEED lesson and throughout the day.

Read & Write Training:

Teachers learn how to use the unique teaching tools for Units 7 and beyond.

Not only do these training sessions help educators dive deeper into the program to learn what works and how to apply it to other lessons, but they have a great time doing it! These teachers from R.H. Parker Elementary School in the Clintondale Community School District of Michigan learned about ‘taking it a step further’ with GrapeSEED Progression Training!

GrapeSEED teachers learn to implement program
Pictured from left to right: Michelle Roehl, Danielle Barochkov, and Diana Nicol

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