GrapeSEED would like to welcome the Mount Union Area School District (MUASD) and Ringgold School District to our growing family of districts and educators working to help young students become proficient readers by third grade!

Mount Union Area School District

Mount Union Area School District is a rural district in central Pennsylvania serving over 1400 K-12 students, 65% of whom come from economically disadvantaged homes.

Thanks to funding from the Keystones to Opportunity (KtO) grant, the district is able to provide its young students high-quality early childhood education programs. Partnering with fellow KtO recipient Southern Huntingdon County School District (SHCSD) and the Huntingdon County Child and Adult Development Corporation (HCCADC), MUASD is working to improve literacy for students in Huntingdon County. They have chosen GrapeSEED to supplement and enrich their language and literacy curriculum to help in this initiative. MUASD is now implementing GrapeSEED in local Pre-K, Head Start, and kindergarten classrooms.

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Ringgold School District

Ringgold School District is a midsized, suburban, public district located south of Pittsburgh in Washington County. Close to 50% of the 3100 students served by this district come from economically disadvantaged homes.

Ringgold recognized a need to help the young students of the community improve their literacy skills. After learning about GrapeSEED, Ringgold educators traveled to Southern Huntingdon County School District to see the program in action and to learn about the value that it has provided Southern Huntingdon students.

In the fall of 2016, Ringgold plans to begin using GrapeSEED in three kindergarten classrooms to help students build a solid foundation in oral language and critical listening skills, preparing them for a life of literacy and learning success.

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