GrapeSEED 'Next Edition'

The release of NEW program materials is coming in 2018!
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GrapeSEED ‘Next Edition’ Coming in 2018

The new release of GrapeSEED is coming this year. GrapeSEED will preview its GrapeSEED NEXT EDITION program in a series of webinars. During the webinars, you’ll get a first look at –what’s new and improved.

A Foundation Training series, will be announced shortly, providing educators training on program changes before new materials are delivered this summer. The Foundation Training schedules will be announced in early April 2018.

A broad schedule of sessions will be offered to accommodate teacher’s schedules.

  • We’ll be calling to confirm
  • Please share this exciting news with your teaching staff!

NEW Materials

  • Electronic Content – You and your students can access GrapeSEED NEXT EDITION content electronically
  • Updated Scope and Sequence – GrapeSEED NEXT EDITION scope and sequence descriptions are updated and are included in course materials.
  • Lesson Plans – Expanding on teacher planning materials