Teachers are happy to report that GrapeSEED is making a difference in their students’ lives. They are noticing differences between students who have participated in the GrapeSEED program and those who have not, and the GrapeSEED students are excelling! GrapeSEED English language learners have an easier time communicating and are even demonstrating better social behavior, in addition to improved oral language skills. Here’s what some teachers had to say about their GrapeSEED students:

The students who have had GrapeSEED since they started Kindergarten in September are able to identify when the language they are using “sounds right.” They are able to tell stories with a beginning, middle and end, and they are able to communicate their ideas about books easier than children who have not been exposed to the GrapeSEED program.  I can see GrapeSEED working in my classroom!

– Courtney Frank, Kindergarten Teacher

This next teacher describes her students as role models for the other students not receiving GrapeSEED. She explains how their behavior has improved right along with their ability to communicate through oral language.

I am encouraged, with being in my second full year of GrapeSEED, that the students who have been exposed in preschool are using less slang. The students are more often answering in complete sentences and are more polite with one another. They respond better in group settings by sitting for longer periods of time, attending to the teacher and using oral language to make their needs known. Students are familiar with the expectations of GrapeSEED. They are wonderful role models in training our other students on what is expected; it seems goals are met easier for our GrapeSEED time. Imaginations comes into play during writing time with those who have been through the program. They know about storytelling, poems and songs. Having been exposed to the student material packets, concepts of print is well established and achieved with these students as well.

– Kim Aspin, Kindergarten Teacher

The following teacher highlights how GrapeSEED encourages students to actively participate in their English language development rather than just being passive absorbers.

In comparison to children in other preschools who are not receiving this kind of instruction, I would imagine those students may have a more difficult time learning to read because they have not been exposed to as much “school language” as our students. It’s one thing to hear your teacher read stories and absorb the language, but GrapeSEED allows the students to be ACTIVE participants in their language development.

– Katie Schoenek, GSRP Preschool Lead Teacher

Need more proof? Check out the research studies showing GrapeSEED English learners standing out among their national peers not receiving GrapeSEED. Do you want to learn more about how GrapeSEED can help your students excel? Contact us!

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