Choose from these funding sources

Funding sources

Schools have a number of funding sources that they can explore for getting the money they need for acquiring new learning programs for their students.

Here’s an overview of US Department of Education Funding Opportunities:

Formula Funds: Title I focuses on improving education for the disadvantaged and is based on the number of students living in poverty. Title III, based on the number of English language learners, seeks to close the achievement gap for limited English-proficient and immigrant children.

Competitive Grants: School districts serving low-income areas may apply for additional funding through competitive grants such as:

Early Reading First (focused on preschool literacy):

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers – focused on K-12 after school programs.
  • Head Start – this of the Health and Human Services provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families.
  • Private Foundations and not-for-profit:
    Check or for open grant competitions.