Research has shown that oral language is a vital component to students’ language acquisition and has been discovered as a key to children’s literacy development, particularly in reading. Fostering oral language is crucial for student success. Making sure students are given time to focus on their oral skills is crucial throughout the day. It is necessary that students hear the target language for them to be motivated to increase proficiency and understanding.

Have your students struggled to speak during class? Do they have a hard time asking questions or feeling comfortable participating during certain times throughout class? If yes, then please join me for our Fostering Oral Language webinar!

During our webinar session on Fostering Oral Language, I will be discussing three areas that will help teachers create a focus on oral language. I will be going into detail about creating an environment that helps students feel comfortable speaking and exploring their language ability. We will discuss how questioning helps students elaborate with their speaking skills and express themselves in longer conversations, building their oral language skills. We will also discuss the importance of setting time aside to focus on oral language throughout the day. Students need time to actively listen and speak in order to acquire language fluently.

I’m excited to share some tips that will help teachers implement an oral language focus into their classrooms! Since oral language is foundational to our ability to use language—whether it be for speaking, listening, reading, or writing—lets work together to help our students in every way possible!

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