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Where did GrapeSEED come from?

GrapeSEED, was developed by MeySen Academies, a premier school in Sendai, Japan. MeySen is a preschool English education system with a successful track record of over 40 years.

In 2005, MeySen’s leadership concluded there were serious flaws in the way that early childhood ESL was taught. To fix it, MeySen decided that the philosophy, the approach, and the program had to be fundamentally changed. They invested years of research working with education experts around the world to review the current academic program and develop GrapeSEED. An assessment was prepared, identifying MeySen’s academic needs and proposed solutions to solve every problem.

This assessment was expanded into a proposal for developing a new program in what MeySen leadership envisioned as the ideal approach – a functional-notional approach for early childhood ESL. The leadership of MeySen was willing to lay aside their forty years of investment in ESL to do what was best for their children – and for yours!

What does GrapeSEED mean?
The name GrapeSEED refers to a child’s mind, ripe with potential to learn language. A grape represents life itself, full of abundant fruitfulness, a concentration of life. A grape is one part of a cluster, one part of a network of productivity, learning, and information.


How much does the GrapeSEED program cost?
How much does the GrapeSEED program cost?
What is involved in the teacher training?

Since GrapeSEED is a comprehensive learning system, it’s important to train teachers to make sure they are delivering the program most effectively. A certified GrapeSEED instruction team will lead teachers through a three-day training course. The interactive, hands-on training covers the objectives of the various levels of the program and shows teachers how they can customize GrapeSEED for their classroom.

What are the take-home materials?

Repeated Exposure and Practice (REP) is a fun new take on homework– instead of doing paperwork at home, students are putting English into practice at home. This “edutainment” approach has been proven to significantly increase the speed and depth of language understanding. Each student receives a book, CD, and DVD that you may choose to allow them to take home.

Is the program available to individuals?

GrapeSEED is a comprehensive learning system where the program, training material and trainers work together to achieve the best results possible. Teachers must go through specific training on the learning systems, so we do not sell the materials separately. GrapeSEED is only available through certified schools.

Can GrapeSEED be taught by non-native individuals?

Children learn best from a native speaker, but we recognize this is not always possible. When the teacher is not a native speaker, the Extended English Environment materials play an especially important role, since all of the CDs and DVDs feature native English speakers.