From children just starting preschool and children learning English as a Second Language (ESL) to special needs children, at-risk students, and even high-achieving students, GrapeSEED is helping all English learners improve in oral language acquisition and literacy development. And this is getting parents and educators excited!

Special Needs Students

We recently received an email from a parent of a special needs kindergarten student in Southern Huntingdon County School District in Pennsylvania.

[My daughter] certainly loves that we listen in the car and watch at home. She is able to follow the words even for a short time but I am so excited. Her articulation with the songs and stories is pretty clear as well. Thank you for whatever you went through to implement this program.

– Mother of GrapeSEED Kindergarten Student

Preschool Students

Another mother explains what GrapeSEED is doing for her son who is just starting school.

Jordan had no experience in school, didn’t really know how to write his name yet, no reading experience…I was just amazed with the program and very impressed with GrapeSEED and what it’s done for my preschooler so far.

– Mother of GrapeSEED Preschooler (watch full testimonial)

At-Risk Students

This teacher is noticing the difference GrapeSEED is making with the at-risk students in her district.

The community I teach in is high-risk and the majority of the students in our school district are low-income. Culturally, the language the students speak at home is very different from the language they are learning to read in books. GrapeSEED has helped to bridge this gap in language. The students are learning proper sentence structure, vocabulary, alphabet knowledge, and phonics through the program.

–  Katie Schoenek, GSRP Preschool Lead Teacher

ESL Students

Another teacher talks about how difficult it has been finding a program that fits multiple students from various backgrounds learning English as a second language.

I’ve taught for 35 years. I’ve worked with bilingual children for a long time. And that’s very common for us, but it’s always been a struggle to find any kind of material that would fit more than one or two children at a time… The neat thing about GrapeSEED is that it fits everybody. You can use it with all of the students.

– Sylvia Wallace, Teacher, Michigan (watch full testimonial)

English Speaking Students

This next teacher is happy that all of her students, English Language Learners (ELLs) as well as English speaking students, are benefiting from GrapeSEED.

I knew [GrapeSEED] would be great for my English Language Learners (ELL) students, but I had concerns using the program with English speaking students … After adopting GrapeSEED, all my concerns went away… It was great because all students felt included and confident because they were so familiar with the materials.

– Anna Davis, Kindergarten Teacher

High-Achieving Students

The following teacher was initially concerned with how her high-achieving students would perform with the program.

GrapeSEED is expertly assembled to help boost the confidence of struggling readers and writers, as well as push high-achieving students to write using correct sentence structure. Each child takes out what he or she needs from the GrapeSEED program. It is really quite amazing! … My high-achieving students become more confident with their reading while the students who need more support are able to track print and feel more confident with each exposure in the classroom.

– Courtney Frank, Kindergarten Teacher

GrapeSEED isn’t just for one specific subgroup of students. GrapeSEED can help every young student. For more information on how GrapeSEED can help your English learners, Contact us!

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