Think in English.
Speak in English.
Thrive in English.

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Learn Naturally

GrapeSEED teaches English just how your child learned their first language at home.

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Fun & Engaging

GrapeSEED's curriculum is designed to be fun and engaging. Utilizing songs, chants and action activities will keep your child involved and moving.

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All GrapeSEED @home lessons are taught by certified teachers whose primary language is English.

A Remote English Language Curriculum for Your Child!

At GrapeSEED, we understand that speaking, reading, and writing in English provides additional opportunities for your child in an ever-connected global world.  Our comprehensive curriculum will immerse your child in a joyful, English-speaking environment that encourages them to engage with their online classmates. Begin your child’s journey toward English fluency and reading readiness with GrapeSEED!

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What is GrapeSEED?

GrapeSEED is an oral language and critical listening curriculum based on research that is taught in 17 countries. Across the world, we have helped tens of thousands of children become fluent English speakers, readers, and writers with the power of teacher led oral language instruction. Your child can be next!

GrapeSEED Lessons

Our expertly trained teachers are enthusiastic professionals who value your child’s success. Your child will participate in our carefully curated lessons that overtime will provide the building blocks for English fluency. Our small class sizes ensure your child will receive the individualized attention they need.  

Your child will be immersed in English sounds, letters, words, and sentences with our purposefully guided, intentional lesson plans and curriculum components. GrapeSEED is designed to keep your child motivated and having fun during lessons. By keeping the stress level low and the engagement level high, your child will learn English words and their meanings at an accelerated rate!  

student app

Student App

In addition to the many materials used in online lessons, GrapeSEED provides a variety of materials that your child will "re-experience" outside of the lesson. Shortly before your child's GrapeSEED @home class begins, they will be granted access to the GrapeSEED Student App.  The GrapeSEED Student App will allow your child to interact with lesson materials in playlists as well as library format for continued exposure to language at home. 

GrapeSEED @home Classes

*Three lessons per week

*Classes will be approximately 50 minutes in length

*A maximum of 10 children per class

*If there are less than 6 children in a class, your child may be moved to another class